About Downer

Our approach to sustainability

At Downer, sustainability means delivering financial growth, and value to our customers through our supply chain, looking after the health and safety of our people, having a diverse and inclusive workforce, being environmentally sustainable and enhancing the liveability of the communities in which we operate.

Downer recognises that sustainability is vital for securing long-term environmental, economic and social viability and understands our role in contributing to a sustainable future for communities to prosper.

Downer is the largest and most diverse services contractor in the Asia-Pacific region with over $12 billion in annual revenue. This scale and breadth gives Downer greater resilience to withstand economic headwinds when they arise, and the opportunity to provide a more diverse range of services.

Sustainability is intrinsically linked to Downer's business strategy because the sustainability of Downer's activities is fundamental to the Company's future success.

Downer's business strategy focuses on Zero Harm, driving improvement in the existing business, investing in growth, and creating new positions. Downer's strategic objectives, prospects, and the risks that could adversely affect the achievement of these objectives are set out in the 2018 Annual Report. The strategic objectives are to:

  • Maintain focus on Zero Harm
  • Improve value and service for customers and their customers
  • Improve asset management and data analytics utilisation across the Group
  • Position for greater government outsourcing
  • Leverage opportunities that will emerge from greater urbanisation in major cities
  • Orient Downer's portfolio to growth markets
  • Embed operational technology into core service offerings.

Downer's sustainability strategy is shaped by our four Pillars and our commitments to sustainability are outlined in our policies.



Health and safety

Managing health and safety risk; promoting employee wellbeing



Business resiliance

Financial returns; operational efficiency and productivity; sustainable strategic growth; innovation


Risk management; legislative and regulatory compliance; continuous improvement


Impact mitigation; carbon emissions; resource efficiency



Customer relationships

Safety; value for money; cost efficiencies; productivity gains; innovative solutions

Supplier relationships

Enduring, cooperative partnerships; sustainable benefits; transparent tendering arrangements; supply chain impacts


Employment and training opportunities; local purchasing; community investment; environmental impacts



People and organisational capabilities

Diversity and inclusiveness; attraction and retention of skilled employees; employee development; involvement; innovation; knowledge management; leadership

As an integrated services company, Downer's contribution to sustainability is also achieved by providing our customers with industry leading solutions that drive and provide efficiency, reducing the impact of customers' operations on the environment.

Downer works closely with the local communities in which it operates to achieve better social outcomes, implementing a range of initiatives focusing on social responsibility, local and Indigenous employment, cultural heritage management and stakeholder engagement.

Downer's success is a direct result of the experience, capability and engagement of our people. Downer embraces diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. Downer relies on, and encourages, our people to contribute a diverse range of skills and experiences in order to deliver the best outcomes for our customers. Downer continues to strengthen our focus on recruiting strategically to increase workforce participation across a range of demographics.