Health and safety

Leading the way in haul truck tyre safety

Our tyre team has worked closely with an original equipment manufacturer to reduce the risks associated with tyre deflation. Misthreading of the deflation device was common within the industry. When being threaded to the tyre to begin deflation, the internal shaft of the tool can separate and the force of the deflation can make the tool a projectile. We worked closely with the manufacturer for nine months to develop a new tool with a larger bore in the centre. This greatly improved the stability of the tool, reduced the risk of separation and improved safety within the industry.

Continuing to improve safety in the industry, the team has developed an industry-changing tool to reduce the risks associated with changing tyres on mine haul dump trucks. Apart from the easy to identify risks associated with tyre and rim, and tyre inflation, haul truck tyre fitters are exposed to the risks associated with handling tyre cleats. Each cleat can weigh between eight and 35 kilograms, depending on the size of the truck. Often the cleats are located above shoulder height and there may be 12 cleats per tyre to remove.

Solutions to date have been expensive and required the assistance of a crane to support the tool, introducing risks associated with the crane to the task of removing the cleats. Otraco workers have developed a spacer plate tool that removes the need for the crane and allows the workers easier access to the cleats.

The tool has won industry awards including the Best Individual Workplace Health and Safety Achievement Award at the NSCA Safety Awards.

This initiative demonstrates Downer's contribution to achieve the following Sustainable Development Goals: