Downer veteran welfare initiative

The shift from military to civilian life can be difficult for many veterans and Defence personnel when they take off their uniform.

In February 2018, Downer teamed up with The Adventure Group (TAG) to launch Operation Bellator, a mentoring program that supports veterans who may be struggling with the transition.

Operation Bellator is a dignity and resilience program that takes participating veterans on a two-day outdoor adventure experience run by former SAS instructors, with Downer executives and select corporate partners acting as mentors to the veterans.

The program includes bushcraft, basic survival and tracking, abseiling, leadership and problem-solving exercises, which provides a strong military theme to connect the veterans back to their former lives. Importantly, beyond the outdoor experiences, Operation Bellator also facilitates an opportunity for the veterans to build networks with Downer executives and business leaders, providing real world guidance and support to assist in the transition and reintegration into the civilian world.

“As an Army veteran, I know how daunting that transition can be,” Downer’s Executive General Manager of Defence, Brett Sangster said.

“Downer is proud to support our veterans who have served this nation and need a little assistance to find their way.

“A big part of the program is building connections with Downer executives.

“Through collective networks and associations, Downer and TAG have the ability to bring together a range of people, skills and talents that can provide tangible and lasting support and mentoring. capacity for our veterans.”

This initiative demonstrates Downer's contribution to achieve the following Sustainable Development Goals: