Diversity and inclusiveness

Each year Downer’s Board reviews the Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy to ensure that it grows and adapts to match contemporary market changes and expectations. This policy helps shape our strategy and subsequent work programs to provide measurable objectives for achieving a diverse and inclusive workforce.

To develop a diverse and inclusive workforce, we are currently focusing on the following areas:

  • Gender diversity

    – equal opportunities irrespective of gender
  • Generational diversity

    – building a continuous pipeline of talent
  • Cultural diversity

    – increase workforce participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through employment outcomes and partnering with community.

In FY18 we leveraged the insights from our Divisional Diversity Steering Committees to promote and support a diverse and inclusive workplace through divisional diversity and inclusion workplans. This allowed for a coordinated and collaborative approach to group-wide objectives while providing divisional flexibility for specific opportunities and outcomes.