Our approach

Downer is committed to the highest level of governance and to building a culture that rewards high ethical standards and personal inegrity.

Our Board provides strategic direction for the responsible growth of our company. It expects the highest standards of corporate behaviour and endorses the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations – the benchmark for good governance in Australia.

Downer’s Corporate Governance Statement for the year ending 30 June 2018 (in which we report against these principles) is included in our 2018 Annual Report.

We are focused on creating a risk-aware culture, as reflected in our Risk Management Framework. It allows us to identify risks and emerging issues effectively. It incorporates evaluation and continuous improvement metrics in line with the principles, framework and processes set out in the international standard ISO 31000:2009 Risk management – Principles and guidelines.

At Downer, multiple Board Committees assist the Board of Directors in managing its responsibilities. All charters for the Board and these Committees are available on our website in the Corporate Governance section.

Ethical standards

Downer's expectations of how our people should conduct themselves when representing Downer is set out in our Standards of Business Conduct. Approved by our Board, it is formally administered by Downer's Group General Counsel and Company Secretary.

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Downer’s Standards of Business Conduct applies to all our people, inclusive of contractors and agents representing Downer and its subsidiary companies throughout the world. It stipulates what is required in relation to:

  • Workplace behaviour
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Corporate governance
  • Engaging with stakeholders
  • Sustainability
  • Workplace safety.

Upon commencing employment with Downer, our employees are required to read over and agree to the Standards of Business Conduct as part of their induction process. For Directors and business partners, refresher training must be undertaken at least every two years.

Reporting breaches of the Standards of Business Conduct

Downer has a formal ‘whistle-blower’ policy in place. Downer has both internal and external processes that allow for the reporting of breaches which includes the ‘Our Voice’ service. It is an external and independent service that allows employees to anonymously report porential breaches of the Standards of Business Conduct.

Influencing policies on sustainability

Downer is a member of various peak industry bodies and organisations which influence policies on sustainability across industries. Some of these include:

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  • Australian Constructors Association (ACA)
  • Australian Industry Group
  • Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA)
  • Australian Supply Chain Sustainability School
  • Business Council of Australia
  • Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CMEWA)
  • Civil Contractors Federation
  • Clean Energy Council
  • Group of 100
  • Minerals Council of Australia (MCA)
  • Infrastructure Partnerships Australia
  • Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia
  • Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand
  • Queensland Resources Council
  • Sustainable Business Council of New Zealand.

Downer also has representation on the Boards of the ACA, MCA, CMEWA and AMMA Board Reference Group.

Our future focus

Downer will conduct a review of and update its Standards of Business Conduct in 2019, and will continue to review its membership of peak bodies and industry associations.