Environmental compliance

Downer maintained its Group-wide target of zero Level 52 or Level 63 environmental incidents and zero Significant Environmental Incidents4 and zero prosecutions during FY19.

Disappointingly, Downer incurred 11 penalty infringement notices totalling AUD $23,775.

This consisted of nine penalty infringement notices in the New Zealand Division totalling NZD $4,950 (AUD $4,720). At the time of writing this report, one infringement notice is being contested because an internal investigation found evidence to suggest the discharge reported to the Regional Council didn’t originate from the Downer facility. The Transport and Infrastructure Division also incurred two penalty infringement notices totalling AUD $19,055 associated with the operation of one of its wastewater treatment facilities resulting in an exceedance of ammonia released into the nearby watercourse. The other related to a breach of the planning approval whereby the construction certificate was not obtained for the Beryl Solar Farm.


Environmental Prosecutions over three years


Significant Environmental Incidents

2A Level 5 environmental incident is defined as any incident that causes significant impact or serious harm on the environment, where material harm has occurred and if costs in aggregate exceed $50,000.

3A Level 6 environmental incident is defined as an incident that results in catastrophic widespread impact on the environment, resulting in irreversible damage.

4A significant environmental incident or significant environmental spill (≥ Level 4) is any environmental incident or spill where there is significant impact on or material harm to the environment; or an incident or spill that results in a significant impact or material harm; or there is long-term community irritation leading to disruptive actions and requiring continual management attention.