Health and

Wellness in the workplace

Downer realises our people are our number one asset, and that their wellness has a significant impact on their ability to thrive at work, which in turn affects the success of our business. Injury prevention remains a critical part of improving worker wellness.

One of the challenges we face is that many of our people engage in physical, manual or repetitive tasks at work. Downer recognises that these workers may be at risk of degenerative injuries over time and, as a result, actively pursues opportunities to more effectively eliminate or control these types of injury.

If a worker starts to feel discomfort, Downer supports and encourages them to access health care services proactively before a debilitating injury occurs. Downer has implemented a range of programs to support the wellness and health of our workers, including:

  • A dedicated injury management service to assist employees with both work-related and non-work-related injuries and illnesses to enable their return to work
  • Injury prevention programs such as health assessments, pre-employment screening, industry defined medical assessments and executive medicals
  • Ergonomic office spaces
  • ‘Walk to work’ programs to encourage workers to meet and walk to work together
  • Early intervention programs such as drug and alcohol testing, and a zero tolerance to the presence of these substances in our workers
  • Participation in health promotion events, such as Movember, R U OK? Day and Stress Down Day
  • Access to fresh fruit in the workplace
  • Benefits such as discounts on gym memberships, health insurance and holidays.