At Downer, our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Downer designs, builds and sustains assets, infrastructure and facilities and we are the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand.

With a history dating back over 150 years, Downer is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and the New Zealand Stock Exchange as Downer EDI Limited (DOW). We are an ASX 100 company that employs approximately 44,000 people across more than 300 sites, primarily in Australia and New Zealand.

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Our Purpose

Is to create and sustain the modern environment by building trusted relationships with our customers.

Our Promise

Is to work closely with our customers to help them succeed, using world-leading insights and solutions.

Our Pillars


Zero Harm is embedded in Downer’s culture and is fundamental to the company’s future success


We build trust by delivering on our promises with excellence while focusing on safety, value for money and efficiency


We collaborate to build and sustain enduring relationships based on trust and integrity

Thought leadership

We remain at the forefront of our industry by employing the best people and having the courage to challenge the status quo

FY21 total revenue
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Engineering, Construction and Maintenance (EC&M)
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New Zealand


Downer’s operating model

In FY21, the structure of the Downer Group continued to evolve in line with our focus on Urban Services in Transport, Utilities, Facilities and Asset Services.

We exited our Laundries business and the Mining business with the exception of Open Cut East. We are continuing to explore opportunities to divest Open Cut East. In the event Downer is unable to complete the sale, we will fulfill our contractual commitments. Once the terms of these contracts are complete, Downer will have no further participation in Mining services.

We also created the Rail & Transit Systems Business Unit through the merger of Rollingstock Services and Major Projects.

In September 2020, Downer completed the full acquisition of Spotless. This allowed Downer to further integrate Spotless into the organisation.

We created the Downer Defence Business Unit through the merger of Downer’s Defence Systems and Spotless’ Base and Estate Management. We also created the Facilities & Asset Services Business Unit by combining the residual Spotless business and Asset Services.

This represents the final stage of Spotless’ integration into the Downer Group.

What we do

Downer supports our customers through the full life of their assets – from initial feasibility and design through to production and operations and eventual decommissioning.

Road services

Transport infrastructure and services

Passenger rail

Light rail and buses

Airports and ports

Integrated facilities services

Power and gas

Technology and communication services

Renewable energy and power systems


Health services

Power and energy

Industrial and marine

Education services

Non-residential buildings


Asset management

Professional and managed services

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In 2015, the United Nations agreed on 17 SDGs as part of a 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to end poverty, promote prosperity and wellbeing for all, and protect the planet. Downer is a supporter of the SDGs and we recognise that, as the leading integrated services provider in Australia and New Zealand, we are in a strong position to contribute towards achieving these goals and their related targets.

The materiality assessment Downer conducted in FY21 identified the following top eight SDGs, ranked in order of priority, to which Downer has the greatest contribution:









Downer contributes to the SDGs in four important ways: through our services and products; by responsibly operating our business; through our capability and thought leadership; and through our social responsibility activities and community involvement. Downer’s sustainability targets are the tangible reflection of the organisation’s contribution to the SDGs. A full description of activities that feed into each target can be found in the respective section of the report.

Downer’s sustainability targets and objectives

Downer commits to the following primary targets, which encompass its material issues,as described in the Materiality and stakeholder engagement section. Additional objectives are included within each section of the report to describe Downer’s focus areas in greater detail.

Please visit us on your computer to view the primary targets.

Targets and objectives
Progress against targets and objectives
Governance and ethical conduct

Zero breaches of:

  • Disclosures relating to market sensitive information
  • Anti-bribery and corruption policy
  • Securities trading policy.


Downer has an ongoing commitment to zero breaches of key governance principles and policies.

In FY21, Downer had zero breaches of these principles and policies.

Zero instances of anti-competitive behaviour.


Downer has an ongoing commitment to zero instances of anti-competitive behaviour.

In FY21, Downer had zero instances of anti-competitive behaviour.

Publish Downer’s Modern Slavery Statement for FY21.


In FY21, Downer published its inaugural Modern Slavery Statement, covering the FY20 period.

Health and safety

Zero fatalities

<0.9 Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)

<3.5 Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR).


Downer’s ongoing health and safety targets include zero fatalities and a commitment to industry-leading LTIFR and TRIFR performance.

In FY21, Downer recorded zero fatalities, a 0.99 LTIFR and a 2.60 TRIFR.

Developing unified Zero Harm management system.


Achieved single certification across the Group to ISO 45001.


Zero environmental prosecutions

Zero serious environmental incidents.


Downer continues to target zero environmental prosecutions and zero serious environmental incidents as a result of its operations.

Unfortunately, in FY21, Downer recorded an environmental prosecution within our New Zealand business.

Downer recorded zero serious environmental incidents in FY21.

Science-Based Target: 45-50% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2035

Science-Based Aligned Target of Net Zero by 2050.



In 2019, Downer committed to the decarbonisation of our absolute Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 45-50 per cent by 2035 from a 2018 base year, and to being net zero by the second half of the century. In 2021, we tightened this commitment to being net zero by 2050.

Downer’s interim target for FY21 was 528.6 ktCO2-e. Downer’s performance for FY21 was 506.1 ktCO2-e, exceeding the target by four per cent.

Downer Business Units to produce a decarbonisation plan to contribute to Downer’s Science Based-Aligned Target.


Downer will report progress against Business Units’ decarbonisation plans on a consolidated basis, as part of ongoing reporting against our Science Based-Aligned Target.


Make progress towards Downer’s medium-term gender diversity targets:

  • 40 per cent of women in the workforce by 2023
  • 25 per cent of women in management positions by 2023
  • 25 per cent of women in executive positions by 2023
  • 30 per cent women on Board by 2023.


In 2021, Downer’s workforce was:

  • 34 per cent female
  • 17 per cent of women in management positions
  • 25 per cent of women in executive positions
  • 33 per cent of women in Board positions.

Three per cent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees in Australian workforce

11 per cent Māori employees in workforce in New Zealand.


In 2021, Downer’s workforce comprised:

  • 1.64 per cent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees in Australia
  • 24 per cent Māori employees in New Zealand

Increasing engagement and progress scores in Downer’s annual Employee Engagement Survey.


In FY21, Downer’s engagement score decreased from 72 per cent in FY19 (full survey) to 70 per cent.

Downer did not conduct a full Employee Engagement Survey in 2020 due to COVID-19

Launch Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to cover both Downer and Spotless.


Downer and Spotless closed out their separate Innovate RAPs in FY21.

Deliver dedicated Group-wide women’s empowerment and capability building program.


Downer launched a pilot of its first Group-wide female empowerment and capability building program, THRIVE, in FY21.


Roll out the Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) supply chain program and increase supplier engagement


Downer commits to increased supplier engagement, through an increased response rate to the survey each year.

Identify non-profit Indigenous organisation to form partnership with


Downer is committed to supporting Indigenous communities.

Indigenous procurement supply agreements increased from 103 in FY20 to 156 in FY21.

Develop and launch Downer’s workplace giving program.


In FY21, Downer consulted Workplace Giving Australia on a workplace giving pilot program.