Health and

Wellness in the workplace

Injury prevention remains a critical part of improving worker wellness. If a worker starts to feel discomfort, Downer supports and encourages them to access healthcare services proactively before a debilitating injury occurs.

Where an injury has already occurred, Downer’s team of injury management specialists support the employee to return to work at their own pace.

We support the physical wellness of our workforce through a range of programs and initiatives. These include:

  • 24/7 access to Downer’s Employee Assistance Program, which provides support for both our people and their immediate families. The service also provides response support following critical incidents
  • Fatigue management practices
  • Work rotation arrangements for repetitive activities to reduce the risks associated with muscle fatigue and repetitive strain injuries
  • Early intervention programs such as drug and alcohol testing, and zero tolerance to the presence of these substances in our workforce
  • A dedicated injury management service to assist employees with both work-related and non-work-related injuries and illnesses to enable their return to work
  • Information on safe lifting and tools and support equipment to reduce manual handling requirements
  • Information to support good health, delivered through the annual Our Safety Focus program. In 2021, this program reinforced the importance of good decision making, provided information on Critical Risk management, and focused on the management of change to support safe decisions
  • Ergonomic office spaces, many fitted with sit/stand desks, computer or document stands, and foot pedestals
  • Access to end-of-trip or shower facilities in many of our offices to support running/walking or cycling to work, and promotion and entry fee coverage for employees who participate in nominated sporting fundraiser events
  • Participation in health promotion events, such as Movember, R U OK? Day and Stress Down Day
  • Flexible working, and remote working options to better support the balance between work and home commitments, and to reduce stress
  • Regular employee engagement from management
  • Corporate Cup support and sponsorship.

In addition to these Group-wide initiatives, our Business Units are also proactive about supporting the wellness of our people.

Downer’s Asset Services business recently developed and implemented a pilot Mentally Healthy Workplaces audit tool and guide, as part of its wider Occupational Health and Hygiene Strategy.

The audit tool focuses on improving awareness around mental health and wellbeing in the workplace by addressing stigma, managing risks, developing safe systems of work and encouraging reporting.

As part of the process, Asset Services conducted 11 audits across the business and an online health and wellbeing survey. The findings contributed to the development of two dedicated health and wellbeing calendars for field and office-based employees, to improve mental health outcomes in the workplace.