Health and

Critical Risk management program

The top five Critical Risk activities for FY19 and FY20 were:

  • Working with mobile plant or equipment
  • Vehicles and driving
  • Working at height
  • Falling or dropped objects
  • Working on or near rollingstock.

High Potential Incidents have increased by five per cent during this time, despite exposure hours increasing substantially across that timeframe. Changes across the top five Critical Risk activities over the past three years are:

Critical Risk activity
Working with mobile equipment
Vehicles and driving
Working at height
Working with electricity
Falling or dropped objects

This year we built on our understanding of the management and verification of Critical Controls and their performance. We focused on improving their effectiveness and further embedding Critical Controls into our management system. We also improved the analysis, datasheets, performance standards and verification tools. This Critical Risk work was incorporated into the system alignment initiative developing a core suite of Group-wide Policies, Standards and Procedures to provide more consistency to all stakeholders.

Downer’s Critical Risk program continues to be effective in managing and reducing the exposure of our people to the Critical Risks in our business. The program has also helped refine the volume of Critical Controls and promoted risk management leadership through engagement with General Managers to sponsor Critical Risks relevant to their businesses. The strength and success of our program has also attracted significant interest from customers and business partners, and we have been able to share the

learnings and insights from our program to assist in the development of their own Critical Risk programs. This has not only strengthened our relationships with these stakeholders, but also supported our commitment to innovation and thought leadership.

This year, Downer has advanced the implementation of our Critical Risk program into the Spotless and Hawkins businesses. Both the Spotless and Hawkins businesses made considerable progress on their Critical Risk programs in FY20. Analysis of Critical Risks in the businesses has taken place, and controls are being incorporated into management systems and practices.

Both Spotless and Hawkins included Critical Risk implementation in their Executives’ Short-Term Incentive remuneration framework this year. While KPIs were met despite the challenging conditions created by COVID-19, payments were not made in FY20.