Health and

Wellness in the workplace

Our people are our number one asset, and we understand that their wellness has a significant impact on their ability to thrive at work, which in turn affects the success of our business. We support the physical wellness of our workforce through a range of programs and initiatives. These include:

  • A dedicated injury management service to assist employees with both work-related and non-work-related injuries and illnesses to enable their return to work
  • Fatigue management practices
  • Information to support good health, delivered through the annual Our Safety Focus program. In 2020, this program focused on the relationship between good health and good decision making
  • Ergonomic office spaces, many fitted with sit/stand desks
  • ‘Walk to work’ programs to encourage workers to meet and walk to work together, and promotion and entry fee coverage for personnel who participate in nominated sporting fundraiser events
  • Early intervention programs such as drug and alcohol testing, and a zero tolerance to the presence of these substances in our workforce
  • Participation in health promotion events, such as Movember, R U OK? Day and Stress Down Day
  • Flexible working, and remote working options to support the balance between work and home commitments, and to reduce stress
  • Work rotation arrangements for repetitive activities to reduce the risks associated with muscle fatigue and repetitive strain injuries
  • Information on safe lifting and tools and support equipment to reduce manual handling requirements
  • Regular employee engagement from management
  • Corporate Cup support and sponsorship
  • 24/7 access to Downer’s Employee Assistance Program.

Injury prevention remains a critical part of improving worker wellness. If a worker starts to feel discomfort, Downer supports and encourages them to access healthcare services proactively before a debilitating injury occurs.